Benefits & Features

Everything you need to make great hires for your small business.

Save Time Viewing and Processing Applications

If you've been hiring long, you've probably received some wonky resumes. In order to help, ChirpyHire gets rid of resumes! Instead, candidates are screened automatically so you focus only on the right candidates.

Save time

Screen Candidates Automatically

You've probably spent countless hours reviewing resumes and conducting phone screens. ChirpyHire automatically screens candidates for you so you only match with candidates that meet your needs.


Schedule Interviews

Your time is precious, so ChirpyHire automatically schedules interview with candidates. We send a reminder to candidates the day before and the day of an interview to help cut down on no-shows.

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Receive New Candidate Alerts

Get an email every time a candidate applies to a job or get a daily digest of candidates, whichever you prefer!


Eliminate Candidate Follow-Up Headaches

Stop wasting time calling and emailing. Using ChirpyHire you can chat with your candidates instantly. When candidates are not online, we'll send them a text message to ensure they get your message.

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Take Your Hiring on the Go

Need to hire from coffee shops, kids' practices, or from home? We have you covered. ChirpyHire is 100% mobile friendly so you can post jobs, review applications, and message candidates from anywhere.

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Access Amazing Customer Support

Nothing makes us happier than helping you improve your hiring. We'll answer any recruiting related question you can think of--whether related to ChirpyHire or not! Want some help wording a job post? Want to know which job boards are best for you? Reach out anytime, we can't wait to hear from you!

Customer support

Organize Your Entire Hiring Process

Group your candidates into Yes, No, and Star buckets. Write notes, add tags, and bulk message each bucket and keep organized all in one place.


Host Your Job Page

When you sign up for ChirpyHire, receive a beautiful professional mobile friendly careers page. You can use your ChirpyHire careers page to direct candidates from any source to apply.

Job page

Store Applications for HR compliance

Sleep easy knowing you have access to all of your candidates applications at any time, allowing you to meet HR compliance guidelines.


Add Unlimited Users to Your Account

Recruiting is better with team members! Invite an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. Manage team member access to jobs and the ability to post or re-post new jobs.

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Add Multiple Locations

Do you hire for multiple locations? Do you want to stay organized? With ChirpyHire it's easy because you can add as many locations as you'd like at no extra cost.

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Export And Download Your Candidates

Need to import your candidates into another system? Prefer the flexibility of Excel? Export any or all your ChirpyHire candidates at any time to a .csv file.

Export candidates

Coming Soon!

Cut Down On Interview No Shows

We know it's frustrating to have interview no shows. To help, we'll check in the day after a scheduled interview to see if it took place. Candidates that consistently no-show are removed from ChirpyHire so they don't waste your time.

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Post to Multiple Job Boards with One Post

Write your job ad once on ChirpyHire, and we'll make sure it gets distributed to the best job boards (up to 10,000) for the position you are looking to fill. You'll also get the simple tools you need to process candidates without any of the ones you don't.

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Post your Job to Premium and Specialty Job Boards

Ask us about our premium listing options for job boards like Craigslist, Indeed, Snagajob, Monster and more.

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Share Your Job Posts on Your Social Media Accounts

There are a lot of job seekers on social media! ChirpyHire makes it easy to post your jobs straight to your social media accounts.

Social networks

Keep Your Posts Active with Automatic Renewing

Are you consistently hiring? We've got you covered. You jobs are kept active day in and day out as long as you're with us. No need to repost or renew jobs.

Send Candidates Directly to Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Do you have an existing applicant tracking system but still want to use ChirpyHire to get more candidates? That is no problem! Just provide the link to your ATS in your job ad and we will send your applicants straight to your ATS.


Monitor Job Post Performance

Want a headsup of how your jobs are doing? Want to know better understand your cost per hire? The ChirpyHire dashboard tracks job performance for you.

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Keep Track of Where Your Best Candidates Come From

Wouldn't be great to know where your hires are coming from? ChirpyHire provides an indepth report of candidate sources.

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Powerful Candidate Search

Every candidate that applies to your jobs is stored in ChirpyHire for you forever. Use our simple effective search tools to find the candidate you need!

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