Our Story

Thoughts from our President & Founder

We want to make recruiting personal.

We want this because personal high quality service, begins with personal high quality care of our workforce.

Fundamentally all work is deeply relational. Every type of “work” has a relational component and a task component to it.

Technology continues to help us with “tasks” but fails miserably at making inroads into the “relational” dimensions of work.

Researchers predict that low-risk jobs in terms of automation will be those that require these relational social and creative skills. Emotional intelligence in other words.

They highlight stereotypical creative roles like marketers, software developers, designers, and executives. But in my opinion they gloss over the deeply creative, social, and relational work of service industry professions like caring for seniors.

The compassion, empathy, and ability to meet emotional needs is an potential employee's most valuable asset.

If you are a recruiter, you likely have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Regain your sanity, by embracing technology to help you with the numerous tasks you are responsible for. Delegate the routine and repetitive tasks to tools. This will free you up to better care for your candidates, new hires, and your colleagues.

Understand that your competitive advantage in recruiting, is making an amazing personal impression on candidates from the first time they engage with your company, to supporting them in their day to day, to the day they decide to move to another job. Every interaction is an opportunity to lead and to serve.

If you are a business owner or operator, recognize that your one sustainable competitive advantage is having a staff skilled in “emotional intelligence”. It’s your responsibility to prioritize this, to have it infuse every aspect of your mission, vision, and culture.

Our capacity as a society to train and equip people in these skills, will be the bottleneck in your ability to appropriately meet the rising demand for your services. Take steps to appropriately reward and recognize empathy and compassion in your team and you’ll see innovation in your service delivery, improved profitability, and faster growth.

My name is Harry Whelchel and I'm honored you are considering us as your recruiting partner.

When you try ChirpyHire I think you'll see why it has struck a chord with so many of our users. You'll see how much easier it is than traditional online job applications or phone screens.

In short, it’s personal and simple for non-technical people to use.

We are uncovering better ways of recruiting by doing it and helping others do it.

If these words resonate with you, we would love to work with you.

Harry Whelchel, President, ChirpyHire